Preservations in Pink


Last Sunday I had a very productive afternoon and these wonderful goodies are the result.

We have… Blackcurrant Cordial, Creme de Cassis, Spiced Plum Butter and Redcurrant Curd.  A sweet, summery collection made from redcurrants and blackberries kept frozen from last year.

If it seems a lot for one afternoon, that’s probably because it was! May has been so busy but finally all the pressure and ‘stuff’ came to an end and I felt very much in need of some making therapy!

I should say that it was all pretty straightforward, but I would also just like to point out that I found time to make a roast lamb dinner too!

So happy to welcome in summer and the months of making, baking and preserving it brings.

Recipes to follow soon for each of the above, plus a long overdue update on my little chicks! Not so little any more…


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