Mars Bar Rice Crispie Cake

Whenever I announce I’ve been baking, Jon’s face lights up.

“What have you made?” he usually asks hopefully.  When I respond with,

“Healthy Blueberry Muffins” or some other healthy fruit filled equivalent, his face drops.

“Oh.” He will inevitably reply.

“Would you like one?”

“Er nah, you’re alright thanks… maybe later?”  Of course later never happens.

I have realised that Jon-friendly baking requires imagining you are baking for a sugar obsessed child.  And so, this Saturday I thought it was only fair to make something he would like, so I got out the rice crispies, mars bars and chocolate and proceeded to make the following.

Bake-along with my visual recipe below:



Measure out 150g of rice crispies (or supermarket equivalent)


I used 3 supermarket equivalent funsize mars bars, altogether weighing 80g.


Roughly break up the bars mars.


Add 60g of margerine.


Melt in a glass bowl over a shallow pan of boiling water.


Mix the melted mixture into the rice crispies…


…until rice crispies are evenly coated and a little gooey.


Press the mixture into a springform pan.  (Any tray will do, you can even use cake cases which work well if making with children)


Melt 200-300g of your chosen chocolate over a pan of shallow boiling water.


Spread over your crispie cake…


…and add any decoration you want.  I used sugar strands.


Stick it in the fridge for about an hour and it should look like this!



Eat and Enjoy!


Original recipe found here:

BBC Good Food


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