Chicks for Easter: A step-by-step hatch, Part 3 – Lockdown!

It’s day 20!

Time for a little update on the incubation situation.

It’s hard to convey the excitement I feel when all I have to show is a load of eggs in an incubator, as before.  However, as of tomorrow it is all about to get much more interesting.

Day 14

I candled the eggs on Saturday, day 14, and all 18 eggs (12 Vorwerks, 6 White leghorns) were developing and looking good.  I discounted the other batch as when I candled again, they were all blanks.  Disappointing but I suppose that’s the risk you take with postal eggs.   So, discounting that batch I have a 100% development rate which is certainly a good start.  I really wouldn’t expect all of them to hatch but I am of course hoping for as many as possible.

Here is a poor photo of a developing egg at day 14


Compared with a picture of one of the undeveloped eggs the difference is very noticeable


Day 18

I candled the eggs again on Wednesday.  One looked iffy – a late developer that looked like it might have stopped developing altogether.  I am leaving it in anyway to see what happens.  The rest looked good, and very “full”!  I felt sorry for some of the Vorwerks crammed in their small shells. Hopefully it won’t affect them.  Wouldn’t it be great if the majority hatch?  Fingers crossed…

Days 19-21

Since then we’ve been on ‘lockdown.

I took out the tray so that the eggs are no longer turning.  I put down some rubber mesh for non-slip purposes and some kitchen towel to help with clean up later.  From now on there’s a firm no opening policy in place.  I’ve increased the humidity to around 80% (It should be between 70-90% during the last 3 days)  It’s not easy to keep it that high.  I blocked up the air vent and have partially wrapped a towel around the incubator for added insulation.  It seems to be working anyway, I am now losing humidity at a much slower rate.

So now we’re just waiting for the first cheep…  Last time, it took us by surprise.  We weren’t expecting it and thought we were hearing things to begin with!  Tomorrow is the big day, day 21.  I’m hoping by tomorrow evening I might be able to post the first pictures of the first few, as well as some hatching footage.

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4 thoughts on “Chicks for Easter: A step-by-step hatch, Part 3 – Lockdown!

    • We have a couple of New Hampshire reds that I hatched last time. I plan to hatch more of them next time. We like the rarer breeds and especially the dual purpose birds. I wanted something attractive and as I searched through hatching eggs for sale online I came across Vorwerks. I thought they looked lovely and did a bit of research and liked what I read. I think they can be a little wild, that may be their downside, but I feel they might not be so bad if hand reared. First two pips have happened this morning! Am sitting listening to them cheep 🙂

      • The prettiest one I’ve had was a Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte. Unfortunately, the two chicks I bought turned out to be roosters.

        They are so big, sweet, and beautiful. A rooster crossed with several of my hens, of various breeds, and made some of the biggest, long-legged chickens I’ve ever owned! Two of his babies started laying about a month ago, so now I have new colors in our eggs. 🙂

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