Homemade Port

Jon is a lucky man.  Tonight when he comes home there will a glass of homemade port waiting for him.  How many wives can say they’ve done that?  Hey?  Hey?  Now, aside from making my husband out to be some seasonally challenged Santa Clause, tonight I did indeed finish off and bottle up my homemade port.  And of course had a little sip along the way.

2015-03-04 21.26.08

It makes for a sort of russian doll of beverages – wine infused with sloes infused with gin, reinforced with brandy.  I feel we’ve done well from our single batch of sloes having made sloe gin and now port with the same lot of berries.  And we’ve made a decent amount of posh bevvy with very little effort.  On tasting, it’s not as sweet as I think of port being, which is no bad thing, and the flavour is very good.

2015-03-04 21.26.55

It does feel slightly out of season for port, however, with Christmas still a good way off, I’m not sure it will ‘keep’ that long.  Well, of course. it will keep, but I suppose what I really mean is whether Jon and I can keep our hands off it for that long!  As the nights get lighter, perhaps it will just have be port and lemonades on the decking.


Life can be so tough…

Find the recipe on my previous blog post:

Sloe gin finished, now for Port!

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Port Cocktails

2015-03-04 21.25.57


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