Chicks for Easter – A step-by-step hatch: Part 2, Candling

Day 9, Candling time!

I had planned to do this on day 7 but we had a busy weekend.

Candling involves shining light through the egg shell to catch a glimpse of what’s going on inside.  I would have like to take photos but didn’t want to elongate the process but get the eggs back in and warm as soon as I could.  I washed and antibac-ed my hands before touching the eggs then handled them carefully around the centre. We don’t have an egg candler, we just use a high power torch that Jon used for his air rifle.  This is basically what we were looking for:

Unfortunately one batch of eggs, the 6 Vorwerks don’t seem to have taken for some reason.  Only one of them has developed healthily so far.  4 are blanks and one had a blood ring.  Maybe rough handling in the post or something else.  There are a lot of factors that can affect it and we are dealing with nature after all.  It is interesting that these eggs had been washed and sterilised unlike the others, thus potentially vindicating the “DON’T WASH!!!!!!” party. Who knows.

The good news is that almost 100% of the other 18 eggs are developing!  They look like something between picture 4 and 5 above.  I have one questionable White leghorn egg.  It might have quit early, but might just have developed later for some reason.  Either way I am leaving it (and the 4 undeveloped Vorwerks for a few more days) just in case.  Just got to keep an eye out for any starting to go bad.  The egg with the blood ring I have removed.

Anyway, I am really pleased, it’s a really positive start.  With less than 2 weeks to go I have a good feeling and am hoping that, from at least the 18 solid starters I can get perhaps more than the expected 50% hatch rate.

I will be candling again on day 14.  Perhaps we can get a couple of quick shots then.  It’s so cool to see that there really is something “swimming about” in there.

At the moment, it looks a bit like this!



Quite a long way to go yet.  Those veins are really clear though, it looks as though there is a little spider inside.  According to the diagram below, showing days 5, 6, 9, 12, 18, they are at what I would call the “Sid the Sloth” stage.

   See? (I showed Jon, but I don’t think he agrees)

That’s it for now, so until next time… come on little chicks!

For Part 1 , click here – Chicks for Easter – A step-by-step hatch: Part 1


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