Wee wee wee all the way home… The piggies are here!!!

This won’t be a long blog as I am shattered.  Today we hitched up a trailer to our 4×4 and drove and hour and a half to collect our latest addition to the project…


18 weaner piglets!


They are 8 week old Pietrain x Gloucester Old Spots and very, very cute.  That is until you pick them up, and then they pee and poop on you and scream in your ear.  And I mean scream!

When we got them back, we left them in the trailer to settle down a bit and acclimatise.  I sat in there with them for a bit and eventually got them eating bits of apple out of my hand.

IMG_4528 IMG_4533 IMG_4534







Then we had to carry them all one by one down to their pen.  This turned out to be a reasonably hilarious ordeal where Jon and I and our good friends Mike and Heidi (thank goodness for them!) hoicked 18 lumps of pork, kicking and screaming, down a small slope as quickly as we could, in part to reduce stress for the piggies and to save our aching arms and eardrums.

They are now safe and sound in what I think is a pretty perfect pen.  It wasn’t long before they discovered their feed trough and were happily digging around with their noses and stripping bits of bark from trees.


DSC_0005 DSC_0010



George very much liked the pigs.  I think he would prefer to live with them.  I think he believes them to be a strange breed of dog.  He wasn’t the only one either.






At the moment they have all bedded down together, snuggled up under mounds of hay.  Jon keeps nipping out to “check on them.”



On a more sombre not, these pigs are unfortunately (for them) for eating.  They will be for sale per half later this year around October time but bookings are being taken now.

I’m not sure how I will feel when that time comes…  I suppose it’s about enjoying it while we can?


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