Ghosts of Makings Past #6 – Card & Note Holder

I haven’t written one of these in a while but came across this picture recently of a project that I completed a couple of years ago and nostalgia prompted me to share it.

I do love it, but it’s also nice to see how my skills have improved since then.  Just last night I was catching up with the first episode of the latest series of the Great British Sewing Bee and realising how many new skills I’ve accumulated over the last year.

I’ve just completed my first year of blogging as it happens.  Must write about that and note a few new skills I want to try this year, as well as pushing the boat out a bit and perhaps trying to sell a few things.

I made this card holder using:

  • an artist canvas
  • scrap of material big enough to cover it
  • scraps of material for applique
  • some lace
  • bondaweb
  • embroidery thread
  • mini pegs
  • card
  • sewing machine
  • staple gun

I created a template from card and cut out my bird shapes from my scraps of fabric before backing them with bondaweb.  Then I fixed the background material in place temporarily with strong tape and positioned the birds and lace where I wanted them.  I removed the background material from the canvas, tacked the lace in place and ironed the birds to the backing.  At this point I also embroidered the writing.  Following this I attached the fabric with appliqued birds to the canvas, stretching it tight, folding it neatly behind the canvas and stapling it in place.  I adjusted the lace and then sewed it in place at intervals along each length, leaving plenty of space for card to slot in place. The pegs I made by fixing material to card with bondaweb and cutting it into heart shapes which I attached to the pegs with a glue gun.




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