Button Bauble Christmas Cards

Looking for an idea for a festive Christmas card that doesn’t take too long?

Look no further.

I stumbled across this nifty idea a few weeks ago and was able to knock up a few cards in no time!  Now if you’re sending 50 or so Christmas cards this year (you popular person, you) then this may not be for you, but I sent around 25 this year and this was a simple and easy to replicate model.


I like the bright non-traditional colours.  Try pastel combinations, pinks and reds, purples, greens and blues, use sparkly or unusually shaped buttons.


You need only some card blanks (or make your own from card), a silver pen (or other coloured pen of you choice),  some pretty buttons (I got mine from The Works, UK) and some glue (Use PVA or even better, a bostik-type glue for a really secure hold).


These little cards can be easily customized by using different buttons.  I am always struggling for ideas for male cards but by picking out some nice blues and greens you can create, if not a particularly macho card, a boy-friendly version.




Begin by drawing the vertical lines, with a small ‘bow’ and little triangle at the end where you will place your button.  Then glue on the buttons.  Leave card flat until completely dry to avoid the buttons slipping down the card (as you will see happened to a couple of mine, though pretty nonetheless)


Apologies for photo quality, I didn’t have the best light and was a bit impatient to get them into their envelopes!


Haven’t done your Christmas cards yet?  Well, hurry up!  Only 9 days to go till Christmas!!!!!!!! Woooooohooooo!


2 thoughts on “Button Bauble Christmas Cards

  1. They are so creative and look amazing! I might do this for birthday cards since I always run out of ideas for handmade cards!
    Isabelle xx

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