The Little Pink Tweed Bag

I wanted to share this simple little sewing project that I thought turned out quite nicely.  It’s a very straightforward Cath Kidston pattern with some pink tweed fabric that I’ve been meaning to use for a while.  Jon wouldn’t let me make myself a flat cap from it sadly…  Well, I’m sure he would let me make one, just not wear it out beating!  I hope you like the results,  I was quite pleased with the finish.  It has since been given away as a present.








3 thoughts on “The Little Pink Tweed Bag

  1. Dear Elena,  Love your pink tweed fabric, and the purse is great. Well done, it would make a good present for a friend! Thanks for our card, like the  design, but buttons did not stay on! You could stitch them in place on the light card, that would fix them! Much love Nana xxxx

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