Ghosts of Makings Past… #6: Gingerbread Houses

Whilst making continues, I thought I would post a few pictures of Christmases past for inspiration.  The subject today, namely, the humble Gingerbread House.

Now it is worth mentioning at the very outset that a good gingerbread recipe is essential.  It may look good, but it has to taste good too.  Gingerbread lasts well and, in my opinion, sort of matures as it is left for a few days.


I must say I have to put aside the fact that something about a gingerbread house always gets me thinking of the less festive abode of the fairytale child-eating witch, which suggests these yummy residential 3D biscuits to be more suitable for halloween than Noel (if you go in for that sort of thing) But putting that aside and moving on.  These make the perfect gifts for friends or for presenting on your arrival at whoever’s house you find yourself at for Christmas celebrations. You should never turn up empty handed you know.  And look, I made them like little alpine lodges.  Not in the least bit witchy.


These smaller houses were much easier to assemble than a full size house, and why make 1 when you can make 5??  And they only took an evening to do. Granted, I was still icing them at around 11.30 I seem to remember.


And though it takes a while, the decorating is the best bit.  The possibilities are endless.  Use sweets, edible glitter, chocolate buttons, gold spray, shoelaces, marshmallows, silver balls and loads of icing to make your house look good enough (not) to eat.


IMG_2578These were last year’s full size version, complete with little lights inside.

Of course the more time and detail you dedicate to your gingerbread project the better the outcome.  I must say, I am happy to leave them a little rough around the edges. They’re only going to get pulled apart anyway…


Dad ^

Once finished, I wrap mine in cellophane (very carefully!) to keep the air out and to present them beautifully.



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