Game On!

Here’s a little post to let you know to expect to see a few game recipes over the next few weeks.

Jon (the secret red neck) is out hunting as we speak, lamping foxes and picking up the odd bunny, muntjack, squirrel (and the accidental hare) that he can get his sights on en route.

In fact, I have two fresh squirrels soaking in salt water on the kitchen side.  Tomorrow I plan to introduce them to the slow cooker… I am told that squirrel is very tasty.  We shall see…  I came across this strange but helpful website whilst searching for recipes:

Alas, I did not manage to capture any pictures of the last few game dishes – hare stew with port and blackberries, roast muntjac venison with garlic and a spicy pepper rub and muntjac venison stew.    I can honestly say, though I do say it myself, that each made an exceptional meal and was incredibly tasty.

So, I shall be sharing some of my own recipes very soon, starting tomorrow with chapter one:

Squirrel: Out of the Chestnut tree, Into the Slow Cooker.


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