Recommended Recipe #1: Chocolate and Banana Cake

Phew!  It’s been a hot and humid July.  Great for outdoor summer fun…not so good for the old bananas.  I had a bunch of brown speckled ones in serious need of using up.

So the search for a REALLY good banana cake began.  As a result this is the first post in a series of short articles I thought I’d do on “Recommended Recipes.”   So often I come across some great recipes that it seems wrong not to share.  I could pass them all off as my own but that seems like bad blogging etiquette.

This yummy chocolatey Banana cake comes from the BBC Good food website.  Click below for the recipe.  

Chocolate and Banana Cake Recipe

This recipe makes a really moist loaf cake with just the right banana-chocolate ratio.  It’s a long cook but worth it.

I added a tsp of vanilla and skipped the topping – I’m sure it’s lovely but the cake is totally yummy without it.  Serve up with a nice cup of tea.

It keeps well for a few days in a sealed container but is also freezable.




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