Caravan Chronicles – Chapter 3: Skin a bunny…..

I should probably start this post with a disclaimer.  Apologies to the more sensitive among you but I felt this was a share-worthy event.

The farm is, as might be expected, home to what must be a few thousand brown furry inhabitants, namely, rabbits.  If pest control is something that you don’t particularly agree with (believe me, as an ex-veggie it took some time to get used to the idea), one look at the sorry state of our beans is enough to get you thinking…. It seems to me no surprise that farming and pest control go hand in hand.  It comes with the territory you might say.

Anyway, after a few frustrating and unfruitful shooting trips, Jon finally had some luck and came home with a couple of bunnies.  But, unlike the rabbits that you might be used to seeing hopping about at the side of the road, these more resembled something you might come across in a pet shop!  Now before you gasp in horror, let me explain.  The main farm has a petting area for young visitors.  At some point a white domestic rabbit managed to escape and, it would appear, lived out the rest of his days in the wild.  It surprises me that he would be bush-savvy enough to survive long, but, regardless of how long he lived, one thing’s for sure, he managed to father a few offspring before his demise.  As a result, these days it is not uncommon to spot a blotchy white and brown rabbit, scampering off under a hedge.

It was a couple of descendants of this legendary ‘Great White Rabbit’ (as I’m sure he is known amongst the rabbit community) that Jon got on Wednesday night.  Look at him looking so pleased with himself in his camo jogging bottoms (having sworn never to buy anything camo only a week previously).  If this lucky streak continues it might be time to look out some new recipes.  Proper couple of rednecks aren’t we?



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