Colourful Coasters!

Hmmm, so what to do with a few spare coasters?  Time for an upcycle?  I think so!  I used materials I had knocking about (including washi tape from our wedding stationary) so spent a total nothing on this project and it only took an evening.  And now I have six very cute coasters ready which should look lovely in our new home.

This VERY simple diy tutorial below will tell you all about it:


You will need:

  • Coasters – use old coaster in need of a makeover, buy from charity shop, or find cheaply online.
  • Paint – neutral colour, I used a left over tester pot of emulsion
  • Washi tape – At least two different co-ordinating patterns.
  • Craft knife – or sharp scissors
  • Gel medium – such as Mod Podge or Liquitex (Alternatively use PVA!)
  1. Paint your coasters on both sides leaving to dry between coats.
  2. Once fully dry, create your desired pattern on each coaster with washi tape.  Leave the edges of the tape hanging off the edge of the coaster.
  3. Turn your coaster over and place washi side down on a craft cutting board.  Use your craft knife to cut around the coaster, getting rid of excess tape. Smooth down the edges where the tape has been trimmed.
  4. Now cover the washi taped side in a thin, even layer of gel medium.  Leave to dry.  Turn over and repeat on plain side.
  5. Leave to dry completely, and, voila!


I love these, they would make a great gift, tied with pretty ribbon.  Try out different designs and styles, why not use glitter, sequins, scrap booking paper, wallpaper scraps, old theatre tickets or your favourite photos.


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