The Caravan Chronicles – Chapter 1: It’s the posh, posh, caravan life, the traveller life for me…

…and Jon!

That’s right.  As of this week we are the proud and certifiably crazy new owners of a BK Bluebird Super Conquest Deluxe, which is the (rather ridiculously named) model of our static caravan.  And shall we be holidaying in this beastie? No, indeed, we shall be living in it!  Ok, so maybe not so posh after all…but fun? Heck yes!


As mad as it seems, we are extremely excited about the move.  The caravan will be situated on a large farm on a section of land given over to a care farm project.  Jon is really involved in the project and we can’t wait to get stuck in and be part of its growth and development, seeing it go from strength to strength.  The surroundings are stunning, especially first thing in the morning with plenty of nature about, rabbits, game birds, cuckoos, woodcock, turns, and oyster catchers and grebes on the small fishing lake on site.  Plenty of opportunity for Jon to wave his air rifle about and do a spot of his other favourite thing – fishing. Rumour has it there may even be a 30lb carp lurking in its depths…. (but then you know how fishermen are).

[Views from the farm – beautiful right?]

IMG_3082 IMG_3081

It may not surprise you that we are also looking forward to seeing how we can live a bit more self sufficiently.  Jon now faithfully brings home kill for the pot (I believe there is a enough rabbits in our freezer to fill a burrow)  Last night I cooked up a poor wee bunny for the first time and it was quite nice, thanks to Jamie Oliver (recipe here).  I’ll be honest, there may be a little more experimenting to do in order to discover a recipe that I really, really like.  I remain confident that there is! (It’s when he starts bringing home squirrel then I’ll really start to worry…)

IMG_3101    IMG_3098

Between now and then there are a just a few jobs to be done.  The caravan is a bit of a renovation project for us, so be warned, expect blog post about everything from installing log burners, to making curtains and cushions, to fitting solar panels!  I have been dreaming of buying reams of fabric for months, finally I can start to get on it.

These are a few ‘before’ shots of the new crib.

IMG_3019 IMG_3018 IMG_3017IMG_3013IMG_3029 IMG_3014IMG_3030

First jobs on the list are to lay laminate flooring, get some painting done and install a log burner.  Can’t wait to share a few pictures of work in progress.  Stay tuned to find out how it goes!


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