Pretty peplum

This is the first item of clothing I have made entirely pattern or tutorial free.  Needless to say, I am just a little proud of it.  It represents a big step on my clothes making adventure and I was mightily surprised to discover that I can do it!

Inspired by The Great British Sewing Bee‘s Chinello, I really wanted to make something with a peplum, having discovered just how easy it is.  Peplums are just so flippin fabulous – so flattering (especially if you happen to be the curvy kind like me : / ) and uber glamorous.  And there’s something of the African about them that just reminds me of being in Uganda somehow.

My peplum halterneck is the perfect summer and it it is, from design to finished article.  It looks great with a pair of high waisted trousers.  It even looks fantastic with my little diy stretch jersey mini skirt….(yes, you did recognize the material) although it’s a brave wear altogether!!

IMG_2908  IMG_2914

I’m not joking when I say easy.  A peplum is essentially a simple circle of fabric with hole in the middle (imagine viewing a donut from above!) When this wide circular band is fitted to the bottom of a top or the top of a skirt, it falls in pretty waves that perfectly flatter the hips and waist.  Now of course there are countless ways of adapting this simple design element.  Here are a few tutorials:

Draft a peplum

Simple Peplum


Peplum shirt


Peplum Skirt


I was a little uncertain as to whether the pepulm would suit me, that was until I tried it on.  And, my goodness, if I could, I would attach a peplum to my entire wardrobe.


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