Ghosts of Makings Past… #5

Naomi’s house.

This sweet little doll house is a combination of soft fabric panels with velcro and elastic and buttoned fastenings with a carry handle.  The roof and side open out to form a little garden.

IMG_2480     IMG_2481


I took on this adventurous project for our niece’s Christmas present this year and it was surprisingly easy!  I followed a simple tutorial (see below) and made a few alterations of my own, although on the whole kept it quite simple.  I added a pocket and a little stuffed pillow on the inside to make a kind of bed and stitched a pretty felt doll to go inside (not pictured, sorry!)

I would encourage you to think about your design before you sew it all together because it’s much easier (and sturdier) to add details onto the fabric using your machine than to hand sew it on afterwards.  You just have to make sure windows/doors are straight when you sew it all together.

What I love about it as a project is how easy it is to adapt – you can play about with different fabrics and details, theme them like the farm below, although I think you could make garages, shops, a stables or school etc. I even think you could go further than that if you apply the same principle and then there’s no limit – castles, spaceships and so on….

If you’re considering having a go yourself (which I recommend) the materials are simple:

  • scrap fabric, light cotton or something a little more durable
  • Matching thread, and embroidery thread for stitching together
  • 4 sheets of plastic cross stitch canvas
  • Velcro, hair bobbles and buttons (I covered my own in matching fabric)
  • Felt for decoration
  • If you want to make a little doll, you will need some stuffing too.

Anyway, as they say, the proof is in the pudding and Naomi seemed to like it, so much so that she thought it nap worthy, high praise from a toddler I’m told….


Click below for the tutorial:




Click on the images below for links to other examples and tutorials.

Another great tutorial:


Tutorial here








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