Felt Flower Brooches for Mother’s Day

Well, this is the first post in a couple of weeks.  With my dissertation to do and rehearsals for end of year production, making and blogging is taking a little bit of a backseat for a moment.

However, the occasion of Mother’s Day seemed to be a worthy cause deserving of a few moments of making.  And it was nice to procrastinate for a while.

Here is the result, a cluster of pretty felt flowers, one for each lovely lady – Mum, Mom, Nan and Nana.


I tried to choose a design which suited each one.  Once finished I sewed a brooch fastening on the back of each and pinned them onto four cards.  Job done!


Hippie-ish purple embroidered bloom for my Mum, Cathie.

IMG_2844 IMG_2841


Ice-cream and biscuit toned embroidered flower for Jon’s Mom, Debs.


Pure white rose with silver beads and soft grey petals for my Mum’s mum, Nana Jacquie.


Clustered hydrangea blooms in pink and white with sparkles for Jon’s Mom’s, Mom, Nanny Ivy.

IMG_2847  John&Elena-127

I love working with felt – the texture a colours – and I love how the brooches turned out.  Of course you can also mount these flowers on headbands and hair clips, turn them into necklaces, use them to embellish items such as cushions, purses, bags or clothing.  My sister-in-law-s bouquet was made entirely of felt flowers.  It’s such a versatile material and these flowers were so simple and quick to make.  Felt glues brilliantly too, just use a dab of PVA, then the thread is just for embellishment.  It also makes for pretty inexpensive but impressive projects.  I thought these turned out pretty well and am looking forward to experimenting to see what else I can do with felt.

I’ll leave you with some helpful tutorials and ideas for inspiration.

Happy felting!

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