Ghosts of Makings Past… #3

The Makings of Elderflower Champagne!

Summer could hardly feel further away after the wet and wild month we’ve been experiencing lately!  I came across these photos from last year, and the thought of elderflower champagne cheered me right up.

IMG_1743 IMG_1752 IMG_1813


It’s reasonably easy to make and great fun!  It’s low in alcohol and you don’t have to leave it ages before you can drink it.  And it tastes super good!

It all started when we decided to do some spontaneous foraging on a walk one day.  We collected a huge IKEA bag full of flower heads and bought bags of sugar and bottled water on the way home.  We used the bottled water to make our champagne and the empty containers to store it in.  Glass ones are better if you have them but plastic will do, just be sure to let the air out a little every so often otherwise they split and you get champagne everywhere. (This has happened before in our house!)

Click Here for Recipe: BBC GoodFood

(If in doubt, always BBC Good Food!)

Definitely a recipe to tuck away for Spring/Summer, Elderflowers grow in late May/June.  Keep an eye open for those big green bushes covered in white flower heads, and pick them away from fumey roads.

How To Identify Elderflower




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