Healthy eating vs ice cream making.

So, we’re trying to get serious about eating healthier at the moment.

Today there have been wins: lunch was falafel and avocado wraps, delicious, and there’s some in the freezer for the rest of the week.


I made ice cream!

Less of a win there on the healthy eating front, although it was pretty awesome, even though I say so myself!  And I got to give my new maker a spin.



For the recipe, follow the link below, although I used semi-skimmed milk to down the calories a teeny bit.  If you’re trying to be a bit healthier too, you could also reduce the sugar a smidge as it is fairly sweet.  I’m using my trusty loaf tin, cooled in the freezer before filling and lined to protect it from scratches.

Serving suggestion:


I’ve been dying to try this idea, and as summer still feels a long way off, this felt like a cosy winter warmer version.  (It meant we only had a little scoop each too!)

Sorry no photo of my own, the ones I took didn’t come out too good – ours weren’t as tidy looking and you have to be pretty quick or the ice cream melts! (maybe you’re supposed to let the coffee cool a bit more?)

And for next time? Hmmm… Well, I just ordered this book by two of my favourite men…so…



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