Up and coming projects!

Here’s a little preview of some projects I have in mind so you know what you can expect over the next few weeks.

I have a mini valentines day project underway, top secret until the 14th of course, but it’s looking good.

I’ve always wanted to make my own clothes so after hunting down some great tutorials on pinterest, I’m waiting for my materials to arrive, a bargain on ebay.  Starting simple!


We were given this beanbag when we moved into our flat and I’ve been sizing it up for a while, wondering if I can make a bright new cover for it.  The hunt is on for some nice cheap material and then figuring out my own pattern for it.


Another lovely birthday present from the parentals calls for some making of a different sort.  Looking forward to using some of those jars we religiously collected for our wedding centrepieces!  Some preserving is definitely in order.


As well as this there are a few birthdays coming up which call for some making, I’ve got a few balls of wool which really deserve being knitted into something lovely before winter is out, an (as yet unused) ice cream maker just dying to get out of its box, and a whole heap of pinterest inspiration.

So, what are the chances of getting a dissertation done by the end of April?  I predict some serious procraftination!


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