Easy peasy birthday cake

It’s easy to spend hours trying to make the perfect birthday cake, only to be left with this:


(For more amusing cake faux pas, check out http://www.cakewrecks.com/ )

So, for Jon’s birthday this week, I decided to go simple and started work on this:


Hoping NOT to end up with this:


Thankfully, the resulting outcome looked like this:


Hurray!  Underneath it’s a Nigella butterscotch layer cake with caramel flavoured butter icing.  The white kit-kats were a novelty really, I think it looks better if you use all one colour.

So If you’re after a minimal effort birthday cake that will impress, this is a great idea.

You will need:

  • 2 sponge sandwich cakes – chocolate, plain sponge, coffee, whatever you fancy
  • One lot of butter icing (You don’t need that much, the cake is quite sweet with all the toppings
  • 19 kit kat bars, (Or if your tins are bigger than 22cm, a few more. 3 packets should be enough)
  • A piece of ribbon, long enough to tie in a bow (measure it roughly on your baking tins, remembering there will be a layer of kit kats)
  • At least one bag of M&Ms of at least 4 tubes of smarties.

And you literally make it up as above, it’s as easy as it looks.  Make sure there’s plenty of icing on the sides to “glue” on your kit kat bars and remember that over handling them will melt the chocolate.

And why not get creative?  There’s more than one way to do it!





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