Experimenting with Bread…..

Dough stage 1


Hmmmm…. Bread.

Incredibly simple, and yet somehow infuriatingly complex.  Jon bought me Paul Hollywood’s “Pies and Puds” for Christmas and so bread is my latest baking challenge.

Paul Hollywood, Pies and Puds £10

We made our own chapattis the other day and they were amazing.  This, we felt was a very promising start and so on we ventured on to other things.


Bread, just a simple white loaf, turns out to be a tad trickier.  My third attempt is currently sat cooling on the kitchen side while I write this.  It smells amazing, the previous two have tasted amazing, but it seems a little, well…flat.  As it is, we’ve had lovely sandwiches and tasty toast, but I really really want that soft, fluffy, rounded on the top, home-baked loaf – the real deal.



I’ll be honest, with the first loaf I had made sat in the oven baking away and myself covered in flour, I turned to Jon and announced that, if this did not go well I wasn’t making any more bread. Ever. Much too labour intensive for me.  But today, however, three loaves in, and working away at this soft, stretchy, dough I thought, you know, I could get into this.  There is something therapeutic about the soft feel of the ingredients, the kneading and stretching, and something magic about peeling back the tea towel to find your humble lump of dough now twice its size and filling the bowl.

So, how do I go about correcting this loaf, that seems very happy to rise in a podgy, flabby sort of way, and encourage it to firm up into the risen and bouncy loaf of champions?

I’m hoping this will help:

Troubleshooting Bread – Progressive Baker


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